Kumori: Steering Cloud traffic at IXPs to improve resiliency


After a few years of infancy, Cloud services have now gained enough maturity to be used to deliver an increasing number of critical services. To ensure the capacity of those services to survive failure events, major Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) deploy their platform in distant datacenters. The framework used to interconnect those datacenters is most of the time over-provisioned and costly to manage. In this paper, we present “Kumori”, a SDN-based overlay architecture designed to give CSPs back control on their inter-datacenter connectivity. Using the iPlane dataset, we compare our architecture with the Resilient Overlay Network (RON), considered as a seminal project on Internet resiliency for the last ten years. Our results show that, depending on the CSP’s size and connectivity strategy, our architecture either gives significantly shorter paths than RON in terms of latency or provides a similar service using a smaller overlay in terms of number of overlay nodes.

12th International Conference on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks, DRCN 2016
Cristel Pelsser
Cristel Pelsser
Critical embedded systems, Computer networking, Researcher, Professor

The focus of my research is on network operations, routing, Internet measurements, protocols and security.